The Origin of Space and Time by Design, not by Formula.

If the big bang was the splitting of a huge Axion/ Higgs particle knotty black hole nucleus into smaller Higgs-particle black hole nuclei, then no standard Fermion/ Baryon inflation has happened only the Higgs /Black hole based Lyman alpha forest equipped with local Herbig Haro energy/ baryon creating systems.

All black holes of all sizes (down to ball lightning) seem to be equipped with a Fermion repelling- and plasma producing horizon, which has also a charge splitting effect into a negative (outside) and positive ( inside) zone ( see orientale basin of the moon) .

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Origin of energy overdensities in the CMB.

The Cosmic Background (CMB) energy overdensities can be explained by a Big Bang Black Hole splitting and evaporation process, according to Quantum FFF Theory. 
see also: 
"Gravitational waves from oscillons after inflation" by Stefan Antusch et al.
and: CP Symmetry Between Material and Anti Material Copy Universes Combined with Local- and Multi-Universal Cycle Time

Monday, February 20, 2017

Big Bang Inflatons and Oscilons compared with Big Bang Black Hole splinters.

"Modern cosmology assumes that at that time the Universe was dominated by a particle known as the inflaton and its associated field.
The inflaton underwent intensive fluctuations, which had special properties.
They formed clumps, for example, causing them to oscillate in localized regions of space.
These regions are referred to as oscillons and can be imagined as standing waves".
and: "Gravitational waves from oscillons after inflation" by Stefan Antusch et al.
In Quantum FFF Theory however, these Inflatons and Oscilons can be compared with the Big Bang Black Hole splinters and the evaporated oscillating Axion Higgs field.
see: "The Splitting Dark Matter- Black Hole- Big Bang and the Cyclic Multiverse"
and for: Non Hawking Black Holes:

Lightspeed reference frame bubbles with soft "extinction" edges, around quantum gravity bubbles

In Quantum FFF Theory, Each local reference frame has its own lightspeed bubble with soft transition "extinction" edges, originated by quantum gravity bubbles around fermionic objects like stars/nebula or dark matter objects like black holes. see:

The O‘Connell Effect in Eclipsing Binaries Explained by Mass Related Light Speed Extinction Distances (Lasof) of Stars and Even Planets.

"Local Anti Symmetric Oscillating reference Frame or LASOF.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Propeller Fermion spin 1/2 by vacuum propulsion and photon transformation.

Propeller Fermion spin 1/2 according to Quantum FFF Theory. 
( Function Follows Form)
The system is based only one mother torus, convertible by three internal hinges and one splitting point.
How elementary particles ( rigid string propeller Fermions) rotate with spin 1/2. 2x axial rotation and one spin rotation as the origin of spin 1/2, powered by the ocsillating Axion Higgs field vacuum particles (blue), which is partly crushed into photons (yellow) by the milling process.
According to David Bohm and Jean Paul Vigier, there should be guiding system for each single particle but which? 
Answer: dual universal enatnglement: 
Could somebody come up with a mathematical suggestion for the rigid string particle geometry family below.
The system is based only one mother torus, convertible by three internal hinges and one splitting point, shown below?  

The black hole nuclear scale boundary between nuclear evaporation and vacuum particle absorption (eating) is assumed to be about a stable Comet nucleus. 
However the vacuum pressure must be in dynamic equilibrium and should not become under a certain level as observed by ball lightning and splitting Comet nuclei like Shoemaker Levi 9.

What can we learn from the Shoemaker Levy Comet 9 destruction into multiple energy point sources, about Comet 67P C-G craters?
That the Quantum FFF Theory for crater formation at 67P, is in harmony.    Conclusion: Comets are aggregations of multiple energetic dark matter point sources, coined new paradigm interference Black holes.  The different sizes of  Comets (see image ) is an indication that Comets seem to grow by merging  with other comets, based on one-two-  or multiple dark matter point sources. However these point sources does not merge into bigger ones, but stay clear as individuals, probably each produced by strong solar flare interference ( Q-FFF Theory) called solar bright spots (see image 155) fireballs.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Axial Symmetric and Pear shaped Atom Nuclei through the massless resistive Axion Higgs field.

Magic Number Based Axial Ring Structure of Atomic Nuclei. 

Nuclear (Proton-Neutron) geometric distribution based on Magic Number data supported by LHC nuclear imaging.   
Below: B.Bucher et al. discovered via  LHC at Geneva a pear shaped nuclear variant, pointing into only one fixed direction in space.
My proposal is, that he found the spacetime reference frame for the laboratory location.
In Quantum FFF Theory terms: he found the reference frame of the massless but resistive oscillating Axion -Higgs field.

Polarized Fermions (Nuclear Quarks) as the origin of non accelerated motion.

Polarized Fermions (Nuclear Quarks) as the origin of non accelerated motion through the resistive oscillating vacuum Higgs field.
Polarized nucleons found by B. Bucher et al. (LHC Geneva) see: 
see also:

Dr Scheck says: "We've found these nuclei literally point towards a direction in space"
He says: "Further, the protons enrich in the bump of the pear and create a specific charge distribution in the nucleus.
IMHO, this charge distribution should also be responsible for a disk shaped electron shell perpendicular to the direction of motion ( flight) and responsible for the so called " Lorentz contraction" of all objects into the direction of absolute motion through the resistive Higgs vacuum lattice. 
Attention: This is also against special relativity.strongly supported by John Bell in his essay "How to teach special relativity".
A disk shaped Proton charge distribution could be called also the origin of a disk shaped electron shell the origin of the Lorentz contraction effect .
As a consequence,, The Uri Geller deformation of metal objects could be related to a external magnetic deformation of nucleons in the same way as the Lorentz contraction deformation of the electron shells of the metal atoms.
Even levitation can not be excluded if the pear shaping of Fermions could be external influenced in the same way.

The Quantum FFF Model differences: What are the main differences of Q-FFFTheory with the standard model? 
1, A Fermion repelling- and producing electric dark matter black hole. 
2, An electric dark matter black hole splitting Big Bang with a 12x distant symmetric instant entangled raspberry multiverse result, each with copy Lyman Alpha forests. 
3, Fermions are real propeller shaped rigid convertible strings with dual spin and also instant multiverse entanglement ( Charge Parity symmetric) . 
4, The vacuum is a dense tetrahedral shaped lattice with dual oscillating massless Higgs particles ( dark energy). 
5, All particles have consciousness by their instant entanglement relation between 12 copy universes, however, humans have about 500 m.sec retardation to veto an act. ( Benjamin Libet).

 It was Abdus Salam who proposed that quarks and leptons should have a sub-quantum level structure, and that they are compound rigid particles with a specific non-zero sized form. 
Jean Paul Vigier postulated that quarks and leptons are "pushed around" by an energetic sea of vacuum particles. 
David Bohm suggested in contrast with the "Copenhagen interpretation", that reality is not created by the eye of the human observer, and second: elementary particles should be "guided by a pilot wave". 
John Bell argued that the motion of mass related to the surrounding vacuum reference frame, should originate real "Lorentz-transformations", and also real relativistic measurable contraction. 
Richard Feynman postulated the idea of an all pervading energetic quantum vacuum. He rejected it, because it should originate resistance for every mass in motion, relative to the reference frame of the quantum vacuum. 
However, I postulate the strange and counter intuitive possibility, that this resistance for mass in motion, can be compensated, if we combine the ideas of Vigier, Bell, Bohm and Salam, and a new dual universal Bohmian "pilot wave", which is interpreted as the EPR correlation (or Big Bang entanglement) between individual elementary anti-mirror particles, living in dual universes. 
Conclusion, There is reason to make some corrections to Einstein’s models. Even the lightspeed through the solar system and abroad, seems to be gravity related. See: Numbered listing of Vixra essays by Leo Vuyk.