The Origin of Space and Time by Design, not by Formula.

According to Quantum FFF Theory, all early Quasars are produced by the trillions of paired electric dark matter black holes (EDMBHs) spawn by the big bang and creating early Herbig Haro (HH) objects, with star/galaxies forming in between.

The so called hotspots (often called bowshocks in HH-systems) are supposed to represent the new paradigm black holes.

The "lobes" represent plasma, created directly out of the CHIRAL Higgs field by "pair production" at the black hole horizons with minimal annihilation effects, because positrons seem to be able to form positive quarks.

The plasma is pushed away from the horizons in contrast with mainstream physics.. For the chiral vacuum Higgs field see:

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Pear shaped nuclei pointing into only one fixed direction in space! ! a support for Quantum-FFF Model.

Complex atom nuclei seems to are pear shaped and pointing into only one fixed direction in space!!
Dr Scheck says: "We've found these nuclei literally point towards a direction in space. utm_source=fark&utm_medium=website&utm_content=link
According to Quantum FFF Theory all nuclei should have a small pear shape pointing into the same dirction as a compensation for its absolute velocity in the Higgs field !!
 see: figure 15 at:
Called: "The Shnoll Effect explained by Quantum FFF theory."

Quantum Function Follows Form (Q-FFF) theory states, that the vacuum is seeded with fast oscillating massless dual Higgs particles, oscillating along a complex chiral truncated
tetrahedral vacuum lattice, which has the ability to transfer Photon and Graviton information in bunches of oscillations, through the vacuum lattice with the local speed of light.
As a consequence there are no attraction forces on Fermions, which are supposed to have a real propeller shape and real double axis spin.
Higgs oscillations are the origin of all energy processes in the universe and the origin of so called Dark Energy.
NON oscillating Higgs particles are supposed to be trapped inside black hole nuclei of variable sizes called “Quantum Knots”, and the origin for all Dark matter.
Only the sum of the different kinds of vacuum impulses in the form of Higgs vector arrays from all directions on Fermions are responsible for all energetic phenomena and gravity in the universe.
However, the vacuum lattice has only 2x6= 12 (twelve) oscillation directions, which seem to be observed in the 27 day sidereal moon related period of similar histograms found by Simon E. Shnoll.

These periods of 27 days seem to show a split in 2 or 3 subgroups of similar histograms, which have a possible relation with the12 oscillation directions of the vacuum with cubic and hexagonal elements..
As a second consequence, all “eigen energy” (even nuclear decay) and spin of Fermions is the result of the Dark Energy Higgs vector Field (DEHF) collision process with Fermions
As a third consequence Solar, Planetary and Moon masses influence the DEHF by less powerful Graviton vector array information transfer, which is assumed to be the origin of  peculiar Shnoll effects like Solar and Sidereal day periods, sidereal Moon periods and year periods of similar histograms of nuclear decay measurements like Plutonium, 239 Pu.
Michelson-Morley didn’t find the ether, BUT Simon Shnoll did!

MASS IS THE ABSOLUTE speed related capacity of Fermions to transfer Higgs field particles in as much gravitons by collision in a local reference frame.
WARP DRIVE  is in action even for mass in NON- accelerated motion related to the local vacuum frame.
Polarized Fermion point masses get polarisation by their motion through the resistive vacuum frame of energetic oscillating dual Higgs particles or by a ZPE Alcubierre drives.
The Higgs partilces are able to push the fermions against the ether lattice due to the ppolarized propeller shape of the fermions,
Thus: pushing the mass against the resitive vacuum lattice.
However, Multiversal Fermion consciousness  (coined Lorentz polarisation) is needed to do the job of mass in motion.
Conclusion Inertial acceleration power is the energy needed to change Lorentz polarisation of Fermions.

see also: The O‘Connell effect in eclipsing binaries explained by mass related light speed extinction distances (LASOF) of stars and even

Sunday, June 26, 2016

LHC; Something totally unthinkable: new heavy Quantum Knots.

In Quantum FFF Theory, single Gluon/Photons seem to be able to interlock with each other into larger Quantum Knots, (see image) as the start of micro black holes.
Micro black holes are assumed to form ball lightning and micro comets, even able to split in smaller Quantum knots during flight.
See also This:

Splitting micro comet.


Friday, June 24, 2016

Leo's Bookshop 2008-2015

For Leo's books, See:
BOOK 2008 The New God Particle and Free Will

Leo Vuyk, is an architect and independent cosmology researcher focusing on the "design" for rigid sub quantum particles and consequences for Electric dark matter Black Holes.
He is the author of “Quantum-FFF theory” (Function Follows Form) described in this book.
I believe that OUR COMPLEX WORLD can not be described by EQUATIONS ALONE. WHY?
Because we don’t know why the universe is as it is.
An example: Why are all electrons the same? Because they have all the same propeller shape. and also: “Fine tuning”: Why are the “fundamental constants” constant?
My suggestion: because the sub-quantum FORM of particles and the Higgs vacuum lattice have a certain form and play a game with us..
So I designed simple convertible shapes for real QUANTUM particle information use.

At the same time I realized that black holes should also have some nuclear form and as a result I found that dark matter is related to black holes and Higgs particles have only energetic mass in an oscillating vacuum field.

Quantum FFF Theory ( Function Follows Form) is based on Non-Local Realism and rigid stringy Higgs particles able to mutate/ transform and interlock into all other particles..
The CP(T)-symmetrical raspberry shaped multiverse (with 8-12 berries) is non local instant connected down to each quantum. Each quantum can be visualised as a deformed Higgs ring able to convert into other shapes and able to form compound interlocking quantum knots called quarks, muons or even Tau leptons. So the theory is based on (cogwheel) realism with each quantum connected by symmetric non-local instant entanglement inside a mirror universe..

The basic elements:
1: Black holes (BHs) are the same as Dark Matter, they all consume photons, even gravitons and the Higgs field, but REPEL Fermions due to their propeller shape polarisation away from the BH. They produce electric charged plasma.
2: Dark Energy is the oscillating ( Casimir) energy of the Higgs Field equipped with a tetrahedron lattice structure with variable Planck length around black holes..
3: Quantum Gravity = Dual Push gravity= Attraction (Higgs-Casimir opposing Graviton push).
4: The Big Bang is a Splitting dark matter Big Bang Black Hole (BBBH), splitting into smaller Primordial Big Bang Spinters (PBBS) forming the Fractalic Lyman Alpha forest and evaporating partly into a zero mass energetic oscillating Higgs particle based Higgs field.
5: Dual PBBSs hotspots, produce central plasma concentration in electric Herbig Haro systems as a base for star formation in open star clusters as a start for Spiral Galaxies.
6: Spiral Galaxies will keep both Primordial Dark Matter Black Holes as Galaxy Anchor Black Holes (GABHs) at long distance.
7: After Galaxy Merging, these GABHs are the origin of Galaxy- and Magnetic field complexity and distant dwarf galaxies .
8: Black Holes produce Plasma direct out of the Higgs field because two rigid massless but mutable Higgs particles are convertible into symmetric electron and positron (or even dual quark-) propellers (by BH horizon fluctuations).
9: The chirality of the (spiralling) vacuum lattice is the origin our material universe. (propeller shaped positrons merge preferentially first with gluons to form (u) Quarks to form Hydrogen with electrons.
10: The first Supernovas produce medium sized Black Holes as the base for secondary Herbig Haro systems and open star clusters.
11: ALL Dark Matter Black Holes are supposed to be CHARGE SEPARATORS with internal positive charge and an external globular shell of negative charged Quark electron plasma.
12: The lightspeed is related to gravity fields like the earth with long extinction distances to adapt with the solar gravity field.
13. Quantum FFF Theory states that the raspberry shaped multiverse is symmetric and instant entangled by so called WORMHOLE BRIDGES (ER=EPR) down to the smallest quantum level between different raspberry berries=universes. Nonlocal entangled down to each quantum and even living or dying CATS in BOXES.
14 Large Primordial Big Bang Spinters (PBBS) are responsible for the creation of the Lyman Alpha forest structure and first spiral galaxy forming of the universe, but they seem to be also responsible for the implosion of the universe at the end in the form of Galaxy Anchor Black Holes (GABHs) located mainly outside galaxies. see: (Quasisoft Chandra sources)

15, As a consequence of 12-14, Time is always local time in combination with cyclic period time of the multiverse.

16, If our material universes has a chiral left handed oscillating Higgs field, then our material Right Handed DNA helix molecule could be explained.
However it also suggests that in our opposing symmetric ANTI-MATERIAL entangled neighbor universe the DNA helix should have a Left handed spiral.
According to Max Tegmark: in an entangled multiverse we may ask: is there COPY PERSON over there, who is reading the same lines as I do?
If this COPY person is indeed living over there, then even our consciousness should be shared in a sort of entangled DEMOCRATIC form.
Then we are not alone with our thoughts and doubts, see:
Democratic Free Will in the instant Entangled Multiverse.

17, All particles and waves should be entangled with anti-copy particles and Higgs field based waves in our opposing anti universes.
Then wave particle duality and the so called one particle double slit interference could be explained by accepting that real shaped 3D photon particles only exist in their function of Gluons. However Gluons should transfer form information to the oscillating luminiferous Higgs field ether, within about 1 cm distance from a fermion.(see: Babock and Bergman anomaly,1964)

18, Different elementary particles have different qualities by their different complex stringy shape. Leptons and Quarks have a propeller shape with left or right handed pitch creating charge difference. Gluons, Photons and Neutrino particles have no pitch.

20 All particles can be converted to one or more Higgs particles, Lepto Quarks can be compound particles.
21 All particles are assumed to be present as Higgs particles already in the cyclic Big Bang Black Hole (BBBH) after the former multiverse has collapsed into a Big Crunch Black Hole.
22, We seem to live inside one material universal bubble of an instant entangled (Charge Parity Time) CPT symmetric raspberry bubble multiverse. Each quantum jump or wave function collapse or human choice is guided by this instant entanglement at long distant.

If our material universes has a chiral oscillating Higgs field, then our material Right Handed DNA helix molecule could be explained.
However it also suggests that in our opposing ANTI-MATERIAL multiverse neighbour universe the DNA helix should have a LEFT HANDED spiral.
According to Max Tegmark: in an entangled multiverse we may ask: is there COPY PERSON over there, who is reading the same lines as I do?
If this COPY person is indeed living over there, then even our consciousness should be shared in a sort of DEMOCRATIC form,
Then we are not alone with our thoughts and doubts,see:
Democratic Free Will in the instant Entangled Multiverse.
Conclusion, Quantum FFF Theory is based on Non-Local Realism. The CP(T)-symmetrical raspberry shaped multiverse (with 8-12 berries) is non local instant connected down to each quantum. Each quantum can be visualised as a deformed Higgs ring able to convert into other shapes and able to form compound structures like quarks, muons or even Tau leptons. So realism (cogwheels) connected by symmetric non-local instant entanglement.

It was Abdus Salam who proposed that quarks and leptons should have a sub-quantum level structure, and that they are compound hardrock particles with a specific non-zero sized form. Jean Paul Vigier postulated that quarks and leptons are "pushed around" by an energetic sea of vacuum particles.
David Bohm suggested in contrast with The "Copenhagen interpretation", that reality is not created by the eye of the human observer, and second: elementary particles should be "guided by a pilot wave".
John Bell argued that the motion of mass related to the surrounding vacuum reference frame, should originate real
"Lorentz-transformations", and also real relativistic measurable contraction.
Richard Feynman postulated the idea of an all pervading energetic quantum vacuum. He rejected it, because it should originate resistance for every mass in motion, relative to the reference frame of the quantum vacuum.
However, I postulate the strange and counter intuitive possibility, that this resistance for mass in motion, can be compensated, if we combine the ideas of Vigier, Bell, Bohm and Salam, and a new dual universal Bohmian "pilot wave", which is interpreted as the EPR correlation (or Big Bang entanglement) between individual elementary anti-mirror particles, living in dual universes.

Leo Vuyk (Quantum FFF Theory Posters)
A rigid string theory.
Rigid strings able to mutate and merge by interlocking into (lepto) Quarks. The architecture of the quantum world based on a massless single Higgs torus able to mutate into electron or positron or photon.

So photon radiation is only the transfer by oscillating encoded Higgs particles living inside the space time lattice.

Fermions have to work hard against bouncing Higgses to pass this lattice and mutate Higgses into real rigid photons by Higgs collision. After about 1 cm this rigid photon will click back as ancoded Higgs field particle which seems to be the base for general Relativity including an extra LASOF ether effect..

Thursday, June 23, 2016

The universe is crowded with black holes ( primordial Big Bang BHs, S-Nova BHs and Cometary BHs.

The universe is crowded with black holes, astronomers predict

Non Locality rules the world

This article supports the Quantum FFF Model based multiverse democratic decision model for free veto ( Benjamin Libet), double slit results, wavefunction collapse etc.

How Quantum Mechanics Could Be Even Weirder
Scribbling on his whiteboard with infectious enthusiasm, Sandu explained that this hypothetical “super-quantum” world comes into view by thinking about what now seems to be the defining characteristic of quantum theory: nonlocality.

see also :
and Wavefunction Collapse and Human Choice-Making Inside an Entangled Mirror Symmetrical Multiverse.

see: Democratic Free Will in the instant Entangled Multiverse.