New Physics by the architecture of Quantum FFF (Function Follows Form)Theory. A new design for the universe.
Professor Matt Strassler (sept 2013)
Why has the controversy gone on so long? It is because the mathematics required to study these problems is simply too hard — no one has figured out how to simplify it enough to understand precisely what happens when black holes form, radiate particles, and evaporate.

Leo Vuyk: I postulate that Black holes don't emit gravitons (as Fermions do) but suffer under the "Casimir push" of the oscillating Higgs (pushing gravity) field. That the Black hole is a real Quantum Knot inside the oscillating Higgs Field and is the origin of all Lightning-channeling, Ball Lightning and Micro-Comet phenomena on earth and the origin of Comets, Sunspots, Herbig Haro Objects evolving into stellar- and Galaxy Anchor Black Holes.




C: NEW BIG BANG PARADIGM (with symmetrical entangled raspberry shaped cyclic multiverse).

D: NEW WAVEFUNCTION COLLAPSE (only by symmetric entanglement between opposing anti copy universes at the quantum level (long distance SUSY between anti-copy quanta). SUSY: LONG DISTANCE MIRROR UNIVERSAL FUNDAMENTAL SYMMETRY IN NATURE

E: NEW HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS (is based on the a comparable but retarded (B.Libet: 400 m.sec) collapse principle).

F: NEW STANDARD MODEL (has to be extended).

G: The LIGHTSPEED is dragged around massive objects. So a bouncing radar pulse from Venus onto Earth will show anomalies.

H: NEW HUBBLE REDSHIFT (is originated by transformation (lattice dilution) of the vacuum by Dark Matter black hole proliferation.


1: The clear MICROSTRUCTURE or the 3D FORM of elementary particles, (also called 3D-Preons) made out of convertible Higgs particles, is responsible for “Bound states of Fermions” and composite Quarks.

2: The DARK ENERGY Higgs is supposed to be energetic oscillating, it is the origin all particle motion and spin states and Dark energy (125 Gev) inside a truncated tetrahedron shaped chiral vacuum lattice. The lattice chirality (left or right handed) is the origin of our material universe. Higgs particles are zero point “Planck Oscillators” the origin of the Casimir force, waiting to be harnessed as free energy.

3: NOTHING SUCKS IN PHYSICS, Gravitons act with less pressure on Fermions than the Higgs vacuum (dark energy) and everything is ENTANGLED by INSTANT communication between at least two anti-copy UNIVERSES or MULTIVERSE, being entangled since the big bang.

4: MASSLESS DARK MATTER Black holes of all sizes (down to ball lightning) do not emit gravitons, they feel only Casimir Gravity of the vacuum oscillations so they are massless but counter intuitively the origin of dark matter and producers of all Hydrogen by electron and Positron pairs as horizon fluctuations and repell all Fermions at the BH horizon.

5: The Multiverse is Pulsating by two phenomena, A; vacuum (Higgs) eating new paradigm dark matter black holes (causing the Hubble redshift) and B: by universal expansion caused by the oscillation force (Dark energy) of the Higgs vacuum lattice.

FUNCTION FOLLOWS FORM in Quantum FFF-Theory. The Microstructure of elementary particles, is supposed to be the origin of FUNCTIONAL differences between Higgs- Photon- and propeller shaped Fermion particles. Something SMALL is missing in mainstream physics: a NEW splitting and pairing MASSLESS BLACK HOLE,the origin of all dark matter, Ball Lightning Micro Comets , Comets, Sunspots up to Galaxy Anchor Black Holes (GABHs) recently coined: "Galaxy OUTCAST BLACK HOLES"

See also: the Big Crunch of the CP symmetric pulsating raspberry shaped multiverse.

The multiverse is a huge pinball machine, with dark energy in the form of linear oscillating double Higgs pins as the origin of photonic collision products with the propeller shaped Fermions as balls. All forces are the result of this entangled Pin-Ball interaction. The 125GeV Boson recently found in the LHC is not a single but a double massless 3rd generation Higgs boson linear oscillating in tandem as opposing boxer engine pistons in a chiral truncated tetrahedron lattice. The 125GeV energy is the base for universal dark energy, the frequency is the base for local time and the length a base for the Planck scale. (Twin Higgs, Dual Higgs, Duplex Higgs, or Tandem Higgs) AS A RESULT, Free energy devices and electron-muon decay levitation is proposed. An unstable Higgs vacuum seems to be present around all black hole horizons by observed H2 production and annihilation radiation created by pair production of positrons and electrons. (Instability of the Higgs field) see:


Keywords: Sub Quantum Theory, Sub quantum Geometry, Sub Quantum Mechanics restoring reality. DARK ENERGY HIGGS, DARK MATTER QUANTUM BLACK HOLES inside Sunspots, Comets, Ball Lightning, outside: Stellar-, GalaxyAnchor Black Holes. (GABHs or dark matter galaxy Outcast black holes, the Origin of universal contraction). Dark Energy Higgs vacuum lattice, the origine of universal expansion. Dense aether model. Black Hole Casimir Gravity, Quantum knots. Spin networks, Gravity by distorted Vacuum oscillation spectrum. Zero Point Casimir effect. Einstein metrics with constant scalar curvature. Calabi Yau Fermion Manifold. 2-Higgs doublet model. (2HDM MODEL) Ekpyrotic cyclic multiverse, dual adapted Kerr Black Hole. Birkeland currents and Alfven's circuits. Het einde van het zwarte gat ! ( the end of the Hawking BH interpretation)

After 4 july 2012:
It is well known by now, that the mass of the Higgs particle (126 GeV) is too high for SuSymmetry and too Low for the Multiverse ideas about different universes with different cosmological constants.
126 GeV means also that the Higgs and Universe is UNSTABLE!!!

Conclusion: and base for Quantum FFF Theory: ( Function Follows Form)
1: that the Higgs is indeed able to change form into other particles and back, it is a convertible Higgs!!
2, That we live inside a super-symmetric multiverse with CP symmetrical Universes antangled down to each quantum!!
3: cyclic Multiverse is the result.

For the convertible Higgs see:

Leo Vuyk.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Micro Black Hole based Cometary nuclei in PNs and even inside the Oort cloud at 1 L.year distance

Micro black hole based Comets produce H2 and Water molecules building the icy Comet nucleus, spouting icy dust tails. Semi-Stationary Cometary objects ( P2013 P5) should be located all over the solar system, in the Oort cloud, the Kuiper belt and inner astroid belt, according to Quantum FFF Theory.

According to Quantum FFF Theory, micro black holes are produced by strong EM interference inside and above Lightning clouds and at the solar surface producing ball lightning and Cometary nuclei.
Sunspots are also believed to be former Comets crashed into the sun.

Supernova Black Holes Inside the halo of Galaxies and Interference ( Micro) Black Holes around stars like the sun have the same effect on the creation of Hydrogen and Oxigen ( Water)
Inside Galaxy halos these H2 production seems to be the origin of large H2 clouds drifting around to form new stars in beteen these SN BHs. ( last Poster) .
Solar Comets have icy nuclei and produce Icy dust particles all over the solar system even one lightyear away from the sun!! inside the Oort cloud ( see first poster above)
In the Halo of Galaxies these SN Black Holes are observed by their dark matter lensing effect on back ground stars.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Dark Matter Point sources revealed around galaxies as black holes.

For video: "Dark Matter Point Sources, see:

Hubblecast 58: Caught in the Cosmic Web.

                         Galaxy Anchor black holes represent dak matter point sources.

Published on Oct 16, 2012
From HubbleCast and host Dr. J. Astronomers using the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope have studied a giant filament of dark matter in 3D for the first time. Extending 60 million light-years from one of the most massive galaxy clusters known, the filament is part of the cosmic web that constitutes the large-scale structure of the Universe, and is a leftover of the very first moments after the Big Bang.

The theory of the Big Bang predicts that variations in the density of matter in the very first moments of the Universe led the bulk of the matter in the cosmos to condense into a web of tangled filaments. This view is supported by computer simulations of cosmic evolution, which suggest that the Universe is structured like a web, with long filaments that connect to each other at the locations of massive galaxy clusters. However, these filaments, although vast, are made mainly of dark matter, which is incredibly difficult to observe.

The first convincing identification of a section of one of these filaments was made earlier this year. Now a team of astronomers has gone further by probing a filament's structure in three dimensions. Seeing a filament in 3D eliminates many of the pitfalls that come from studying the flat image of such a structure.

The team combined high resolution images of the region around the massive galaxy cluster MACS J0717.5+3745 (or MACS J0717 for short), taken using Hubble, NAOJ's Subaru Telescope and the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope, with spectroscopic data on the galaxies within it from the WM Keck Observatory and the Gemini Observatory. Analysing these observations together gives a complete view of the shape of the filament as it extends out from the galaxy cluster almost along our line of sight.

Theories of cosmic evolution suggest that galaxy clusters form where filaments of the cosmic web meet, with the filaments slowly funnelling matter into the clusters. Albert Einstein's famous theory of general relativity says that the path of light is bent when it passes through or near objects with a large mass. Filaments of the cosmic web are largely made up of dark matter [2] which cannot be seen directly, but their mass is enough to bend the light and distort the images of galaxies in the background, in a process called gravitational lensing. The team has developed new tools to convert the image distortions into a mass map.

Gravitational lensing is a subtle phenomenon, and studying it needs detailed images. Hubble observations let the team study the precise deformation in the shapes of numerous lensed galaxies. This in turn reveals where the hidden dark matter filament is located.

Hubble's observations of the cluster give the best two-dimensional map yet of a filament, but to see its shape in 3D required additional observations. Colour images [3], as well as galaxy velocities measured with spectrometers, using data from the Subaru, CFHT, WM Keck, and Gemini North telescopes (all on Mauna Kea, Hawaii), allowed the team to locate thousands of galaxies within the filament and to detect the motions of many of them.

A model that combined positional and velocity information for all these galaxies was constructed and this then revealed the 3D shape and orientation of the filamentary structure. As a result, the team was able to measure the true properties of this elusive filamentary structure without the uncertainties and biases that come from projecting the structure onto two dimensions, as is common in such analyses.

The results obtained push the limits of predictions made by theoretical work and numerical simulations of the cosmic web. With a length of at least 60 million light-years, the MACS J0717 filament is extreme even on astronomical scales. And if its mass content as measured by the team can be taken to be representative of filaments near giant clusters, then these diffuse links between the nodes of the cosmic web may contain even more mass (in the form of dark matter) than theorists predicted. So much that more than half of all the mass in the Universe may be hidden in these structures.

Dwarf galaxies sprinkled around M31 andromeda represent the result of black hole based dark matter influence on star formation in between dual tandem black holes forming Herbig Haro  systems, or as globular clusters around each dark matter black hole.

  Splitting Dark Matter Black holes as the origin of the Lyman Alpha forest fractal structure, with dead- end BH splitters resulting in so called galaxy Tendrils inside large voids of space.

Qoute: Daily galaxy 8 april 2014.
Quasars are young galaxies powered by massive black holes, extremely bright, extremely distant, and thus highly redshifted. The Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (BOSS), the largest component of the third Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS-III), pioneered the use of quasars to map density variations in intergalactic gas at high redshifts, tracing the structure of the young universe. BOSS charts the history of the universe's expansion in order to illuminate the nature of dark energy, and new measures of large-scale structure have yielded the most precise measurement of expansion since galaxies first formed.
Continue reading "Massive Galaxies of Early Universe Powered by Black Holes --"Reveal the Nature of Dark Energy"" »


Friday, March 28, 2014

BICEP-2, large B-MODES as Big Bang Black Hole Fractal Inlation effect.

WHY are the BICEP2 -B-Modes so HUGE?  

Because the B-modes represent the END of a splitting Fractal Black Hole Big Bang nucleus (singularity) inflation process and Black holes heve electric potential!!! creating Alven and Birkeland currents.

So, the Big bang was the splitting and evaporation of the big crunch black hole ( all universal 10^90 particles closely packed inside) into what I call a black hole splitting fractal inflation creating the Lyman Alpha forest structure. What we observe in the B-Modes of the BICEP 2 image should be the END of the Fractal splitting black hole inflation process at the rim of our own Universal bubble and as part of the super symmetric navel cord multiverse.
The cyclic universe is a continuous balancing game between dark energy in the vacuum Higgs field and dark matter inside black hole nuclei.
Dark energy is the energetic oscillating Higgs field, dark matter is the particle based (Higgs-Preon) nuclei of all Black holes, with pair production by fluctuations at the BH horizon into positrons and electrons. Electrons at the outside horizon creating an electric potential and magnetic effects visible inside these B-MODES in the CMB.
Conclusion: B-MODES arte not in the first place gravitational signals, but magnetic polarization created by splitting and pairing Fractal inflation black holes as the base for fast galaxy/ star formation ( Dual Galaxy Anchor Black Holes) in the early universe.

Proposal for the Origin of Unexpected Large B-Modes Found in the Bicep2 Measurements.

The Navel Cord Multiverse with Raspberry shape. 
The impossible zero point electric Black Hole

This is only partly in line with Max Tegmark:
Quote: “It turns out that the physical process by which inflation generated these gravitational waves is the same process (discovered by Stephen Hawking) by which black holes evaporate. Whenever there’s an event horizon, quantum fluctuations cause it to emits radiation. For an evaporating hole, you look at its horizon from the outside; in our cosmos, we look at the horizon (basically the region from beyond which light can’t reach us) from the inside. Until today, there was no experimental evidence for Hawking’s prediction – but now there is! :-)”

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NEW: Free Energy Black Hole examples in space.
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Could Zero Point Electric Energy (ZPEE) save the world?

Could Zero Point Electric Energy (ZPEE) of small dual black hole energy systems save the world?

The exhaustion of earth’s resources, the criminal financial system, consumerism, overpopulation, poverty, corporate and personal greed, have brought the earth in great danger.
The only way out, seems to be a dramatic but radical change of all these subjects.
However what radical change, should save us and prevent chaos and a third world war?
My only guess is Free Zero Point Electric Energy (ZPEE) Vacuum Energy by New Physics, based on Birkeland/ Alfven electric currents found around the earth and galaxies, adapted to local/ regional scales of use.
As a consequence all physics intelligence power and finance should be much more focussed on so called “Energetic Blind Spots” in physics and astronomy on local and universal scale.
A: There is still no serious world wide coordinated research on Ball Lightning and Earth bound micro Comets going on!
B: Physicists are still guessing about the real origin of the magnetic power of Sunspots!
C: The energetic origin of Comets is a mystery, though the research on Comets is taken more serious in the last years.
Secondly we have to think about new political structures to be able to change the base of world scale ZPEE electricity  based food production techniques, earning models and law, to create a democratic Sustainable SUPER SOCIAL SOCIETY.
Only supported by free local/ regional  electric vacuum energy, the world will be able to produce local food even in deserts, by influencing the weather/climate conditions by global air conditioning, and to build a world federation of stable local societies governed by computer aided management of production and consumption.
If we are able turn to the deserts by weather/climate change into fertile land, the world should be able to feed a multiple number of inhabitants under the sun, than we have now.

It is an ongoing debate between physicists what the origin should be of the well known polar Birkeland currents and so called electric Alfven circuits measured around earth and around galaxies.
If we have found the origin of these electric circuits, we probably have also found the origin of several other energetic mysteries on earth and in space, as there are; Ball Lightning, Earth bound Micro Comets, Comets and Sunspots.
The so called Electric Universe Theory has uncovered lots of important cosmological facts around this issue. 
However even this theory does not have a clear physical answer about the origin of these electric currents.
Could it be, that beyond the standard model there is room for an extra role of dark matter and black hole physics?
Matt Strassler wrote about black holes: Why has the controversy gone on so long? It is because the mathematics required to study these problems is simply too hard — no one has figured out how to simplify it enough to understand precisely what happens when black holes form, radiate particles, and evaporate.

Recently it was even Stephan Hawking  who changed his mind about the character of the “apparent horizon” of black holes
“Hawking: Black Holes Do Exist—But it's Complicated” |

Sunspots, Comets and Ball Lightning.
Could sunspots, comets and ball lightning represent a new kind of Quantum Knots or Dark Matter Black Holes of different sizes, as the origin of those electric currents, or do we have to look for larger scale sunspot resembling objects?

The conventional sunspot solutions,
“How Are Magnetic Fields Related To Sunspots?”
“They are caused by intense magnetic activity, which inhibits convection by an effect comparable to the eddy current brake, forming areas of reduced surface temperature. They usually appear as pairs, with each sunspot having the opposite magnetic pole to the other.”
Solar energy output is now understood to be a result of a dynamo mechanism within the sun, converting the energy of plasma flow beneath the surface of the sun to magnetic energy foci on the surface that are observed in the form of sunspots.
The electric universe theory by Wallace Thornhill and David Talbott.

It is suggested that  sunspots produce enormous electric currents (ref. 3)
( Thunderbolts) “Electric Sunspots” by Wallace Thornhill and David Talbott.
“Conventional theorists look to magnetism to solve the problem of solar energy distribution. If they were to open their eyes to the electrical cause of magnetism, the solution would suddenly become visible.”
and “Electric Sun” by Wallace Thornhill and David Talbott
and the “Electric Comet” by Wallace Thornhill and David Talbott
“a synopsis of the electric universe” by Wal Thornhill.
Toward a Real Cosmology in the 21st Century
Wallace W. Thornhill*

Other sources of electric sunspot ideas:
and: “Sunspot physics” Frequently sunspots occur in pairs. The two spots have opposite magnetic polarities, like the north and south poles of a horseshoe magnet.”
other sources;
The Origin of Sunspots - A New Hypothesis, by Ackerman, J.
“Sunspots are caused by caused by highly energetic solid bodies falling into the Sun”

The puzzle: Why do sunspots last for weeks instead of flying apart? Like huge magnets, strong magnetic fields in sunspots naturally repel each other. What holds them together?
Sunspots are not the result of convection of gas modified by magnetism. Sunspots are electrical structures.
Nasa: “What Lies Beneath a Sunspot?”
“Planet-sized dark spots on the Sun have puzzled scientists for hundreds of years”

Dark Matter Black Hole Sunspots:
“The Self Organizing Universe in the Carina Nebula.”
“Are Sunspots made of gravitating Dark Matter Black Holes? (My own contribution).
Universal Dark Matter Black Holes.
"Massless black hole pairs in string theory" By: R. Emparan 1996. Department of Physics University of California
“Hubble Redshift Despite Universal Contraction is possible.”
”The Bouncing CP symmetrical Multiverse, based on a massless but energetic oscillating (non SM Higgs) Vacuum Particle System.”
"The case for primordial black holes as dark matter" Author: M.R.S. Hawkins( 20 Jun 2011)

Recent evidence for polar solar hotspots found by the IceCube experiment as telltale for Solar Anchor Black Holes (SABHs)?.
See: IceCube Neutrino Observatory

“Strange cosmic ray hotspots stalk southern skies”
Could this be one of the telltales (the southern) of a Solar Anchor Black Holes?