The Origin of Space and Time by Design, not by Formula.

If the big bang was the splitting of a huge Axion/ Higgs particle knotty black hole nucleus into smaller Higgs-particle black hole nuclei, then no standard Fermion/ Baryon inflation has happened only the Higgs /Black hole based Lyman alpha forest equipped with local Herbig Haro energy/ baryon creating systems.

All black holes of all sizes (down to ball lightning) seem to be equipped with a Fermion repelling- and plasma producing horizon, which has also a charge splitting effect into a negative (outside) and positive ( inside) zone ( see orientale basin of the moon) .

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Descarte's: "I think therefore I am" should change into: "I think therefore we are".

WHY? see Quantum FFF theory,
"I am a QM system, which is assumed to be always non-local instantaneous correlated and in competition by VETOING the ideas of my opposite anti-copy I, living in a dual anti-mirror copy universe, therefore we are!

It could also be named: MIW is Many Interacting Worlds or better; COPY (Charge Parity) Symmetrical Worlds to explain the double slit one photon interference and veto-based consciousness and individual responsibility a la Benjamin Libet.

Then we only have the possibility to VETO and act, in competition with other copy me's.
So: I am not the driver (pilot) of my life I only are able to veto choices boiling up out of these universes to be still responsible for my actions.
see my paper : Democratic Free Will in the instant Entangled Multiverse
The Raspberry shaped Super Symmetric Multiverse without a CAT paradox.

Fluctuation anomalies of the Cosmic Background .
By Roger Penrose suggested to be contact areas with neighbor universes.

For a practical experiment see my conclusions about an extended B.Libet experiment in: :
In an entangled multiverse, the base for Free Will is the possibility to VETO an act or decision. (as Libet also suggested)
The intention or preplanning for a decision to make or an act seems in fact to be equal important for the decision as the possibility to VETO the act.
As a result we may be able to measure (in the future) the number of copy universes involved for decision making, by counting the average percentages of preplanning persons (subjects) in test situation like the Libet test.
For 12 universes the RPI percentage will be 100/12=8,3%. For 8 universes RP I will be 12,5% For RP II it will be 91,7 respectively 87,5%
The time span between RPI and RPII seems to be very important for the creation of free will, because if this time span decreases, then the chance of vetoing an act will become minimal.
The Human quality of : Considering, Revolve, Meditate, or Ponder could be direct related to it. However does animals have free will ?

Could this also be reason for new research on precognition and telepathy?
If I have instant contact (lines) with multiple me's inside other universes, 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The origin of Comet tail evaporation and plasma production, according to Quantum FFF Theory.

Not the radiation of the sun is origin of Comet 67P-CG plasma jets but several new physics micro dark matter black holes.
See: comet 67P-CG cross section with multiple craters supposed to be originated by ice funnel structures as the result of gravitating aligned micro Electric Dark matter black holes.
( according to Quantum FFF Theory)
see also:

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Einstein Cross Quadrupole effect expelained by quadrupole dark matter distribution.

Einstein Cross Quadrupole effect originated by TWO or even One Quadrupole lensing -edge on- Dark Matter galaxies. (Quantum FFF Theory)
See also: High speed gas ejection ( Mrk 231) as support for dual polar external Galaxy Anchor Black Holes ( GABHs, according to Quantum FFF Theory).

Friday, November 25, 2016

Free Energy For All by Cometary and HH energy downscaling?.

Quantum Function Follows Form theory predict free energy for all in the near future, by down scaling of Herbig Haro (HH) systems and micro Black Hole based Comet nuclei from space to an earth- industrial scale.
Why? Because  the dual black holes of HH systems and comets do not swallow matter as Stephen Hawking and others predict but in contrast produce energy and even plasma/gas..  
As a consequence we need  new Black hole- en even new monopole based particle physics.
HH systems are (according to Quantum FFF Theory) huge electron pumps with so called entropy reduction,  and star formation in between. 
Comets seem also to produce water and other light atoms direct out of the vacuum, which is explained by the Axion Higgs vacuum electron positron production.

Down to earth we could develop technology for free HH based energy systems with even Hydrogen and water creation Just as Comets seem to do.

However, there is still one hurdle: to take how can we produce stable ball lightning /comet alike ( new physics) micro black hole nuclei, by interference of EM radiation quantum knots acting together as electron pump. 
Stable earth bound comets seem to be produced above lightning in thunderstorms.
see also: 

Entropy reduction around all black holes 
(and even pair production forming quarks)

"Wasteful" galaxies do not recycle but cycle heavy elements away into the CGM by GABH attraction.

Quantum FFF Theory says: this galaxy could be the future of the merging of Andromeda and the Milky way., 
We observe multiple Galaxy Anchor Black Holes: (GABHs) in the Circum Galactic Medium (CGM). as remnants of former merger GABHs.

See also my blog:…/galaxies-waste-la…
‘Wasteful’ galaxies launch heavy elements into surrounding halos and deep space, CU-Boulder study finds.
see also:…/2016-06-galaxies-heavy-elements-halos-dee…
The (CGM), is thought to play a central role in cycling elements in and out of the galaxy, but the exact mechanisms of this relationship remain elusive.
A typical galaxy ranges in size from 30,000 to 100,000 light years while the CGM can span up to a million light years.

Galaxy Anchor Black Holes (GABHs) are supposed to be the centers of Dwarf spheroid star clusters located in– and around the Milky Way according to Quantum FFFtheory.
A recently detected 27.000 light-year long remnant gamma beam is probably the tell tale of a primordial HH system.
Below: Merging spiral galaxies with dual Herbig Haro object (Black Hole) systems, original connected by x-ray jets  between multiple Electric Dark Matter Black Holes.see: